Bentley Financial Services Canada

Bentley is the smart choice. Bentley Financial Services Canada makes it even smarter.

Every Bentley is extraordinary. And with Bentley Financial Services Canada, we make driving away in one even simpler.

We offer flexible lease and retail financing options1 that vary in both length and payment structure. Once you have found the program that is right for you, Bentley Financial Services Canada makes the whole experience seamless.

All financing options are subject to credit approval. Not all will qualify.
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Bentley Leasing

Leasing provides the freedom of choice. And protection.

The Bentley Lease is a smart alternative to a cash purchase or traditional retail financing for a number of reasons, offering flexibility, protection, and peace of mind. With flexible terms and mileage options the Bentley Lease can be customized to meet your driving habits.

Furthermore, you can drive with total confidence knowing that if your vehicle is deemed a total loss resulting from an accident or theft, Bentley Financial Services Canada will waive the balance between the insurance settlement and the remaining balance owed on your lease2, leaving you free to focus on leasing your next exciting drive.

The benefits speak for themselves

Why it's smart to lease your Bentley:

  • Flexible terms that fit your lifestyle
  • No security deposit is required
  • Lower monthly payments compared to retail finance payments
  • Potential tax benefits (consult your tax professional)
  • Attractive insurance-deductible requirements
  • Total loss protection2
  • Constant warranty coverage3
  • No downside risk on resale value at lease-end
  • Drive the latest technology, innovations and features available in-market
Contact one of our finance experts to receive the lease option that suits your lifestyle best.
2 You would still be responsible for your insurance deductible, any other payments due under your lease agreement. See your lease agreement for additional details..
3 If the lease term coincides with the length of the manufacturer's coverage.
Bentley Retail Financing

Own your Bentley with Bentley Retail Financing

To own a Bentley is to possess something extraordinary. And Bentley Retail Financing gives you a simple way to make that happen.

Bentley Financial Services Canada offers an extensive array of retail finance terms that can help you spread the cost of your vehicle over the course of time most appropriate for your needs – up to 84 months in select cases.

Benefits of retail financing through Bentley Financial Services Canada:

  • Often, no initial cash payment is required up front, and many initial costs can be included in your retail finance contract
  • No kilometer limitations can mean more time spent driving and enjoying your vehicle
  • Flexible terms that best suit your requirements
  • Attractive insurance deductible requirements
  • After payments are completed, you are in control of your vehicle’s future – keep it, sell it, or do whatever you choose

Financing is available on New and Pre-Owned Bentley models.

Contact one of our finance experts to assist you in starting the extraordinary journey of owning a Bentley.

Bentley Protection Plan Products

Peace of mind with Bentley Protection Plan

Every Bentley is extraordinary and deserves to be preserved in all its beauty. The optional Bentley Protection Plan Products4 offer peace of mind through tailored coverage to make every moment behind the wheel as enjoyable as the first one.

4 Bentley Protection Plan Products are not available in all provinces. Contact your Bentley dealer for details on Bentley Protection Plan Products.

Even with Bentley’s reputation for quality and reliability, your vehicle still requires routine scheduled maintenance. Bentley Prepaid Maintenance offers a convenient way to keep your Bentley vehicle running smoothly.

The only part of your Bentley to meet the road should be protected from the hazards it may encounter. Keep your tires and rims in pristine condition by proactively protecting yourself from road hazard damage.
Your Bentley keys are your access to extraordinary experiences. Bentley Key Protection provides security and peace of mind whether your keys are lost or damaged.

Minor chips and cracks can obstruct your view, compromising your safety and your car’s appearance. Preserve the most visible aspect of your vehicle with Bentley Windshield Protection and enjoy the road where you and your Bentley belong.
Every Bentley was crafted into a rare form and deserves to return to its pristine condition should any minor dings or dents compromise its natural beauty. Plan ahead with Bentley Dent Protection to guard yourself from the little things.

Your Bentley experience should be extraordinary from beginning to end. Bentley Lease-end Protection makes turning in your vehicle at lease-end smooth with coverage that can waive up to $10,000 in lease-end excess wear charges.

Should a worst-case scenario occur, whether it’s total loss, theft, or natural disaster, your insurance company may only reimburse you for your car’s actual cash value. GAP will protect your bottom line by waiving some or all of the difference between your insurance settlement and the outstanding balance of your financing. When the worst-case scenario happens, Bentley Financial Services Canada can provide a best-case outcome.
5Available on retail finance contracts only.
Purchase of the Bentley Protection Plan Products is optional and is not a condition of credit. This document and its contents provide general information about the Bentley Protection Plan Products. The complete terms and conditions for each Bentley Protection Plan Products are contained in the applicable Customer Agreement or Addendum. Please be sure to carefully read the applicable Bentley Protection Plan Agreement or Addendum for details of terms, conditions, and specific coverage details, including limitations, exclusions, transferability, and cancellability before you agree to purchase the plan. Coverage may vary by province. Typically, you may cancel your purchase within 30 days of agreement purchase date for a full refund if you are not satisfied with your product. Refund may be subject to pending or paid claims, depending on province. Certain provinces may allow cancellation and refund after 30 days. Service or repairs not covered by the plan are the customer’s responsibility, even if additional services are recommended by the authorized Bentley Retailer or revealed by inspections covered by the plan. Consult the vehicle’s scheduled maintenance guide for factory recommended service intervals.
The Bentley Protection Plan and services are offered and distributed under license and agreement between Bentley Financial Services Canada and Safe-Guard Products International, LLC.